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When a sociologist actually joins a group for a period to get an accurate sense of how it operates, the approach is called A. Which of the following was not one of the goals of social scientists embedded with the U. An artificially created situation that allows the researcher to manipulate variables and to introduce control variables is known as a an A. In an experiment, the group that is not exposed to the independent variable is called the A.

A sociologist sets up an experiment on television violence and children. She shows one set of children group A violent cartoons and then observes their play. She shows a second set of children group B non-violent cartoons and then observes their play. Which of these groups would be considered the experimental group? Group A B.

Group B C. Neither group D. Both groups. People may behave differently in artificial situations than they would in the "real world". This poses a particular problem for researchers using A. Regina wants to study the homeless in her hometown. In order to do so, she lives at a homeless shelter for a month.

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During this time, she does everything that the women she is studying does and tells no one of her true identity. This methos would be: A. What term do sociologists use to describe the phenomenon whereby subjects deviate from their typical behavior because they realize they are under observation? A sociologist decides to study the interaction among students in the college's computer center.

When the students realize they are under observation, they become shy and reserved in their interactions. This is an example of A. Secondary analysis includes a variety of research techniques that use A. Information on historical naming trends discussed in Chapter 2 illustrates the fact that A. Americans use the same names over and over. Sociologists consider secondary analysis to be A. Which of the following sociologists conducted an examination of suicide using secondary analysis?

Max Weber B. Jane Poulsen D. An inherent problem in using secondary sources of data is that A. A researcher studies adolescent attitudes about senior citizens by analyzing depictions of the elderly in the lyrics of popular music and the content of teen magazines. The code of ethics for the discipline of sociology was developed by A.

Max Weber. Department of Education. Which of the following is included in the code of ethics for sociology? Which of the following is not incorporated into the basic principles of the code of ethics for sociology?

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Which of the following existing data sources are used more frequently for sociological research? Which of the following is true regarding actions by the Exxon Corporation after the Valdez disaster? Exxon solicited sociologists to do research on jury deliberations. Exxon offered research money for sociologists doing research on jury deliberations.

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Some of the research funded by Exxon was published in peer-reviewed journals. Which of the following does your textbook note as a common criticism of Exxon's actions after the Valdez disaster? Exxon didn't pay sociologists well enough for the research they did on jury deliberations. Exxon agreed to fund only those sociologists who were known to be in favor of Exxon's policies and actions. No legal scholars were approached to do research on jury deliberations.

Exxon didn't volunteer to fund research on clean-up technologies or long-term environmental costs. Du Bois. William Zellner. According to Max Weber, investigators have an ethical obligation to accept research findings even when the data run counter to A. The Death of White Sociology, which called attention to the tendency of mainstream sociology to treat the lives of African Americans as a social problem, was written by A.

Erving Goffman.

Alvin Gouldner. Joyce Ladner. Shulamit Reinharz. Which sociologist argued that sociological research should focus on social change and on relevant research developed by nonsociologists? Jane Poulson B. Joyce Ladner C.

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Shulamit Reinharz D. Karen Barkey. Erving Goffman B. Alvin Gouldner C. Joyce Ladner D. Peter Rossi. Which of the following locations traditionally would be of interest to a feminist researcher? Feminist researchers would be most interested in which of the following aspects of global research? Which of the following is true regarding feminist researchers? What is a potential problem when sending out Internet-based surveys?

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We have little reliable data on human sexuality because A. The authors of the National Health and Social Life Survey argue that their research on human sexual behavior is important and that using data from their survey allows policy makers to more easily address issues such as AIDS, sexual harassment, welfare reform, abortion, and teenage pregnancy. This position best reflects the view of which sociological perspective? Which of the following is used to show the portion of ?

The number calculated by adding a series of values and then dividing by the number of values is referred to as the A. The single most common value in a series of scores is referred to as the A. The midpoint or number which divides a series of values into two groups of equal numbers of values is referred to as the A. Which number would be considered the mode of the following: ? What is a popular form of summary many sociologists utilize to quickly and clearly show a relationship between two variables? The third step in the scientific method is reviewing the literature. In the statement, "the more a person exercises, the longer he or she will live", longevity is the independent variable.