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The GiftBot 2. The gifting now continues with more official prizes in the new Gaming Giveaways OT. Sayonara Wild Hearts Review Thread. Thread starter mazi Start date Sep 17, Forums Discussion Gaming Forum. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Oct 27, 27, All of this is the work of Simogo, a studio whose games I love, and whose forthcoming projects I always worry about slightly, worrying because the team seems to have such confidence and such taste that I am forever waiting for things to be over-worked, over-considered, to become too stylish, sharp-edged and chilly.

That hasn't happened yet. I now doubt it ever will. Sayonara Wild Hearts is such a simple thing but also such a complex thing, such a heartfelt thing. And so dense! Its exuberance is precision, its chaos is sheer choreography. And as for the shape, I would say it's more of a playlist than the standard video game movie pastiche.

But then I think back to its atomiser bursts of transitions, one idea gusting into another, and I wonder if it's all more ephemeral that that. Maybe this is perfume , following the shape of the breeze. From top-note to drydown, vividly here and then vividly gone. But like a good piece of music, pop or not, appreciation grows over time, as you notice little details previously overlooked and other parts start to grow on you. Sometimes a game speaks to you.

This did. Some games invite you in and ask you to like them. Sayonara Wild Hearts is different. Sayonara Wild Hearts wears shades while she blows bubblegum bubbles, not even looking in your direction. It wants to take whoever does love it and ride off into the neon sunset with them. This review is incredibly difficult to write. Give me a break; go play Sayonara Wild Hearts. Get on it. A wild chase, a whirlwind of flashes, a neon pink city.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is like that multivitamin free buffet in which you do not even know what to choose, and in which, given the circumstances, you end up biting indiscriminately until it is full almost before you could even fall back on it, despite your particular interest - close to gluttony - for wanting to try everything I had to offer you.

A wonderful adventure, that absolutely no one who considers himself assiduous or curious about our art should let go, and that it is to the video game, in the words of Chris Scullion Nintendo Life , what Prince went to the music industry. Because maybe, and much to our dismay, his trip ended somewhat earlier than many of us would have liked, but his particular mix of styles, worthy of being cataloged as a creative masterpiece, will always remain in our memory. Truly incredible, Sayonara Wild Hearts is a pop-culture gem that celebrates music and games in a passionately individual way.

And then play it again.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a masterpiece. Sayonara Wild Hearts is an utterly gorgeous experience, and it looks, plays, and sounds fantastic on the Switch. A game on the surface and a pop album at its core, in what is perhaps the most effective and interesting blend of entertainment mediums I've ever seen.

March comes in like a lion opening 2 Full『YUKI - Sayonara Bystander』

With stylish visuals, an incredible soundtrack, and simple yet inventive game mechanics, Sayonara Wild Hearts is simply a must-have. Overall, Sayonara Wild Hearts is a perfect experience. It may not last long, but it will certainly draw you in with its story, keep you there with its variety of gameplay, and then bring the entire experience together with its amazing visuals and music.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is another must-have indie this year. Best of all, it's being sold for a very fair price on every platform that's available, so there's no excuse not to play. By the way, the narrator of this game is none other than Queen Latifah! Can you get any better than this?

Every game can be compared to other games, but Sayonara covers a wider spectrum across different forms of media. Regardless of what pieces of media people may compare it to, I bet all of those pieces are ones that made them feel happy inside. Sayonara Wild Hearts is a unique blend of music, visuals, and interactivity, allowing players to experience a stunning concept album in a way that connects them with the music and themes on a deeper level.

Each player will derive their own meaning from the music, visuals, and gameplay, latching onto certain elements that resonate with them most. My skills at rhythm games are middling at best. Whether or not I get better at a given title is entirely dependent on how compelled I feel to press on.

Even the simple tones of success, the spacey glitters and tinkling synths of token acquisition, are a deep, bone-written impetus to continue.

CAMPSA HONDA NSR Sito's Sayonara | Scribd

Aside from its length, Sayonara Wild Hearts is basically a perfect rhythm game. While you can easily compare Sayonara Wild Hearts to other stylish rhythm games - Rhythm Heaven, Thumper, and Rez came to my mind while playing - the precise spectacle makes it stand out from similar works. This is a full-length interactive music video that exudes joy.

That makes the secrets beneath the surface more appealing as Sayonara Wild Hearts might be one of my favorite music albums of the year in addition to being a killer video game experience. This is how you make old-fashioned arcade score chasing interesting again and throw a heartfelt meditation on emotional trauma into the bargain.

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Sayonara Wild Hearts is a fleeting game, yet, like the best records, is worth flipping over, restarting, and putting on repeat once it wraps up its last track. Everything works in concert in Sayonara Wild Hearts. A true creative masterpiece. This was a beautiful trip of a game, one that I loved sharing with my daughters and experiencing myself.

sayonara road

A tale of acceptance and inner peace combined with love and rebirth all set against some banging tracks and some fast-frantic gameplay. Sayonara Wild Hearts is an artistic masterpiece and a genuine gaming gemstone, and it shines brightly and clearly no matter where you play it. Sayonara Wild Hearts is like listening to an album: the experience is compact and intense, yet there is a strong desire to revisit certain tracks.

The game conquered me with its simple gameplay applied to stunning scenes that blend exotic visuals and exciting music. I especially liked the bold photography full of dramatic camera turns, the fights that resemble well-choreographed dances, and the wide variety of moments and styles of play - rhythm, running and more constantly transform the action. I missed extras and other reasons to revisit the stages, even though I've played my favorite tracks over and over again.

In the end, Sayonara Wild Hearts is an amazing audiovisual journey through a unique and vibrant universe.

Sayonara Wild Hearts | Review Thread

Let it be known that one needs to really play Sayonora Wild Hearts in order to truly experience it. The graphics are a pure blast of neon joy and the soundtrack is absolutely stellar, but when combined with simple yet addictive gameplay that takes so many wonderful twists and turns, it creates this sort of trippy experience that you only see once in a blue moon.

From the hyperkinetic pop soundtrack to the breakneck gameplay speed, Sayonara Wild Hearts is one hell of a rollercoaster ride. The undeniable visual flare, immense style and uncompromising frame rate hides a clear message underneath it all that many can relate to. Wild Hearts never die and Sayonara Wild Hearts should stand for years to come as a shining example of how to bring music alive into the gaming medium. Sayonara Wild Hearts is unfortunately not there for a long time to enjoy.