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But to judge by recent comments from Airbnb's cofounder, the company isn't in a rush to join other tech startups making a market debut in That doesn't mean we will go public in ," Nathan Blecharczyk, an Airbnb cofounder, told Business Insider in an email interview.

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The year-old startup is a marketplace for travelers seeking accommodation, offering over 6 million places to stay in more than 81, cities and countries, according to the company's website. The startup offers over 6 million places to stay in more than 81, cities and countries. While he did not elaborate on the company's latest thinking about timing, IPOs have been off to a slow start in Read more: 19 trending destinations you should visit in , according to Airbnb.

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A variety of reasons, from the uncertainties of Britain's painfully protracted exit from the European Union to the US-China trade war, have hurt investors' appetite for risk, Dealogic said, per the Post. In the US, companies aspiring to go public have faced added challenges. The government shutdown early this year limited the staff strength at the Securities and Exchange Commission, slowing the market regulator's review of IPO registration documents.

Many popular stocks like Snap and Spotify lost a lot of value by the year end. Read more: The 35 most breathtaking and isolated stays on Airbnb, ranked by cost per night.


Further, investors have been shy of risk since the global market sell-off at the end of Stocks like Snap and Spotify had lost a lot of value by the year's end. It has shown massive growth for a year-old company—this type of growth and scale are two attributes that investors tend to drool over. The second step IPO-bound companies can take is to talk to investment bankers now. Take advantage of free advice to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are, and learn more about what the IPO process would look like for your company.

Meet with enough banks to form your own checklist of what criteria you want in an underwriter.

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Companies that have accepted venture capital may have a leg up on an IPO, as those investors usually insist on public-company type business management. These factors help ensure that a company has trustworthy controls in place:. These include:. In other words, act public before you go public. Even if you ultimately pass on an actual IPO, setting up for one will help your company develop a strong business plan and reliable management controls.

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Mapping Out IPO Trends in Today’s Scenario

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