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Remember that they should arrive at your home with healthy skepticism. No one is trying to debunk your reports but have to keep an open mind to all possibilities. Good investigators must remain non-committal until they have had a chance to gather their evidence. Make sure that the investigators seem to know how to use all of their equipment. If they cannot, you may have a problem. Unless the investigation was set up through you with a local television station or newspaper, the investigators should not be accompanied to your home with a reporter or media person. This should never occur without your permission!

The investigators are duty-bound to keep all aspects of your case confidential unless they have your permission to disclose anything. If there is anything that you want to know or need to information to feel comfortable, a legitimate researcher will give it to you. You asked this person in to give you an honest opinion and you have to be prepared to accept it.

You can also help by making sure that everyone who experienced anything unusual is present on the night of the investigation and that you keep out friends and relatives who want to come over to watch the proceedings. This can be very distracting to you and the to the investigators and can interfere with an accurate investigation. Also remember that if you become uncomfortable with what is going on at any point in the investigation, you have the absolute right to call a halt to everything.

They should be given the respect that such a title signifies, but they also have to respect your feelings and fears as well. As the investigation continues in your home, the team members will divide up their duties and while you are being thoroughly interviewed, other investigators will be filming and mapping the house, taking photos and looking for any anomalies with their equipment.

They will likely ask you to show them where any odd happenings took place and may ask you to recreate what you were doing when they occurred. This means that they will set up themselves and their gear in hopes that the activity might occur again. This can be a long process and can be very boring for you and the investigators. At this point, you may want to consider going quietly about your activities and to let them work.

You may have noticed in this article that I mentioned several times that activity rarely occurs during the investigation. In some cases it does though, and this can be exciting for everyone involved. However, in most cases if the investigator has determined that there seems to be a strong possibility that the reported phenomena is genuine a follow-up investigation will be required.

It should be stressed that a legitimate researcher will always follow up on a case.

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If you do not hear from him, and the phenomena persists, then call him yourself. The information that has come before has been mostly geared to the witness who has experienced something out of the ordinary and while not completely frightened by it, is curious enough to contact someone who can tell them more. Truthfully, I have worked more often with this type of person than any other.

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This is not always the case though. As a witness, you may call in a researcher to decide whether or not your house is truly haunted and once you realize that something is actually happening and that others are seeing it too!

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Some witnesses also may decide that they want to get rid of the ghost and if this happens to you, the investigators that you have contacted have no choice but to go along with your wishes. Most ghost hunters are merely investigators.

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If we are going to be able to help you, we are going to have to contact an outside source. Let me reassure you again though that ghosts are not present to hurt anyone and in almost every case, a family can peacefully coincide with a spirit. Obviously though, not everyone wants that and some even insist that the ghost itself would be better off passing on to wherever we go at the time of death.

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In this case, the ghost hunter should be proactive in helping you with your wishes. If you have a family minister, the ghost hunter will likely suggest that you get in touch with this person and ask them to come to the house and to pray for the soul of the spirit that is present. It can be of great benefit to you and your family as well.

If a willing minister is not available, then the ghost hunter should be able to suggest or find an expert in getting rid of ghosts. They may not be a professional medium or psychic but someone who is sensitive to spirits and who has a good reputation. It should be someone the ghost hunter has either worked with before or someone who was referred through a legitimate source.

There is usually a complete lack of ceremony with this type of person as they are not a phony psychic or exorcist. They are likely going to want to look over the location and sit down and talk with you before proceeding. Remember though to beware of any medium that tries to pump you for too much information up front! It is obviously more legitimate if this person can gather impressions that match the information you already have.

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If they come up with weird things that you have not experienced and seem to be making things up out of thin air, they most likely are! If an authentic medium detects a spirit that is present, they will try and convince it to move on. How effective is this? It usually has a positive effect on the house though, no matter what else it does. I often get calls from people who ask for this service but in my years in the paranormal field, I have found very few people that I can recommend as someone trustworthy enough to be given this assignment.

They are out there though and if you request it, the ghost hunter you work with should do all they can to get you in touch with them. In closing, I hope that this article has been worthwhile for you and has provided you with some of the essential information that you need in order to find a legitimate ghost hunter. I always say that ghost hunting has several goals. Not only is the ghost hunter seeking evidence of ghosts, but he is also there to help the person who called him in to investigate the case.

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The witness should never be shut out of the investigation but should be treated with the utmost respect.. Haunted IV. Haunted II. Mary Devey. David Bradford. Extreme Hauntings. Paul Adams. Ghosts and the Spirit World. Paul Roland. This House Is Haunted. Hans Holzer.

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