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A city in decline?

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Genoa Energy provides market coverage in most of the fields of shipping industry dedicating all efforts to satisfy clients requests and keep always updated on what is going on in a constantly changing environment, not only regarding ships, chartering, shipbuilding but also with regulations, ports limitations and trading patterns.

Focussing on the extensive knowledge of the shipping industry Genoa Energy is dedicated to world wide transportation of liquified gas products Ing, GPL, propane, butante, chemical gases , petroleum and sophisticated chemical products, vegetable oils. With the wide network of connections built during many years of experience Genoa Energy is actively involved in the trading of LPG, Olefins and Clean petroleum products.

Sales and purchase of ships is also one aspects of the maritime sector that Genoa Energy is covering mainly on gas tankers and chemical tankers. We use cookies to guarantee the functionality of the site. To learn more see our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

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  6. Toggle navigation Genoa Energy. At the end of his contract in June he ordered his vessels to abandon the French blockade of Naples, thus saving the city for Emperor Charles, sailed to Genoa, drove out the French and re-established the republic of Genoa under the protection of the Empire. He also led the Imperial fleet against the French who were at times allied to the Ottomans , especially in their efforts to gain control of Corsica.


    Andrea Doria and Genoa

    Genoa and the Doria family in particular did very well out of their loyalty to Charles. The city was awarded extensive trading rights and the merchant and banking families were able to benefit handsomely from the riches pouring into Spain from the Americas. It is said that on one occasion Doria provided Charles and his company with a feast served on a silver service. In order to impress Charles when the meal was over Doria ordered that the service be thrown into the sea.

    What he did not tell Charles was that he had instructed fishermen to be ready to retrieve the silver the next morning. Charles was very much aware of the importance to him of Doria and the Genoese alliance. In his Political Testament, written for his son Philip in , he made clear that Genoa was his most important ally in Italy, both strategically and commercially, and that Philip should do all that he could to preserve and strengthen the influence of Andrea Doria.

    genoas passage Manual

    Charles had placed his alliance with Doria above that of good relations with the pope. Taken from a video on display at the Galata Museo del Mare, Genoa. Your email address will not be published.

    Passage on ferry MOBY ZAZA, Genova - Bastia (Moby Lines)

    Show all. Andrea Doria and Genoa We enjoyed a few days in Genoa with friends — lovely sunny weather in late September. Richard Heath Richard Heath graduated in history from the University of Cambridge and was a history teacher for 35 years.